Lyle Mitchell

Dick Lenagh
Dick was Field 1st Sgt. for C Company, 29th Inf. Regt, in Okinawa. He volunteered for Korea and joined  E Company in Hokkaido just before we left for Korea.

1st Sergeants
Sam Buscemi and Marvin (Stub) Quain
Sam replaced Allan Jones as 1st Sgt. when Allan was wounded
12 June 1952
Marvin replaced Sam when he was rotated in July 1952

Eddie K. Garrett & Charles Hamada
Joined E Company from the 5th Cav. in December 1951
Photos sent by Eddie Garrett

Tom Humphries        Eddie Garrett        Albert Hansen 

Photo by Harold Miller
Courtesy of Andy Miller, Harold's son

Keith Nash - Harold Miller - Allen Ross  1st Platoon
Photo from Andy Miller

Harold Miller with Chinese burp gun. Other GI unknown, please help!
Photo from Andy Miller

Probably MLR during early part of '52, note snow. Please help Identify.
Photo from Andy Miller

4th Squad - 1st Platoon
Back: James Lyle, Wayne Mechem, Adolfo Mello, James Schofield, Carl Mielke
Front: Lawrence Mendes, Frank Martino, Ronald McBride
Photo by Frank Martino

Ed Gerber and Jack Akers
Photo by Frank Martino

Frank Martino                                 Lewis Guess, Lost leg
                                                       12 Jan '52, returning 
                                                       from Hill 290
Photo: Frank Martino

             Russell Blodgett, KIA 12 June '52

Photo: Frank Martino 

Clare Butcher and Eddie Garrett
November 1951 with the 5th Cav
Photo: Eddie Garrett

Lt. Robert Ingalls, 1st Platoon
Photo: Frank Martino

Andrew Weddel, 1st Platoon
Photo: Frank Martino


Carl Mielke, 1st Platoon
Photo: Frank Martino

James Morris, 1st Platoon
Photo: Frank Martino

Wallace Moore, 1st Platoon
Photo: Frank Martino




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